Bhutan is landlocked country situated between india and china it lies in estern Himalayas ,between Tibet to the north ,the Indian territories of assam and west Bengal to the south and east,and sikkin to the west . the kingdom has a total area of about 38,394 square kilometers, roughly the size of swithzerland .Located in the heart of the high Himalayan mountain range , The northern region of the country consists of an arc of Eastern Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows reaching up to glaciated mountain peaks with an extremely cold climate at the highest elevations. Most peaks in the north are over 7,000 m (23,000 ft) above sea level; the highest point in Bhutan is Gangkhar Puensum at 7,570 metres (24,840 ft), which has the distinction of being the highest unclimbed mountain in the world, The lowest point, at 98 m (322 ft), is in the valley of Drangme Chhu, where the river crosses the border with India. Watered by snow-fed rivers, alpine valleys in this region provide pasture for livestock, tended by a sparse population of migratory shepherds.

Capital: Thimphu

Local time: six hours ahead of GMT and hour ahead of IST (Indian standard time)

Forest Cover: – 72%.

Agricultural: – 7.8%

Area of Bhutan: 47000 Sq/Km

Altitude: Varying from 180m to 7,550m above sea level

Population: 6,50,000

National animal: Takin Bodorcas Taxi Color

National Flower: Blue Poppy, Meconopis granis

National Tree: Tseden, Himalyalca cypress.

National Bird: Raven, Coruas Coraxs

National Sanctuaries: 26%

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