Homestay is a unique experience of your life .Homestay is a private house offering accommodation and staying in another country lives with a family in the host country to exchange culture and become familiar with local lifestyle. Unlike a rental apartment, the guest lives with a local family and experiences the new culture and language as a member of the family. Homestay families will help travelers adjust to their new life and learn about new culture.

If you want to experience real Nepali local culture and tradition than it is the best option for you.”The guest is God” – “Atithi Devo Bhaba” is a popular chant in Nepali society and every Nepali society treat guest as a god. Here the location for homestay is located on the remote and typical Nepali village with picturesque landscape. Homestay offers you to experience typical Nepali culture and traditional Nepali way of life. People from local home or village is very friendly with smiling faces. The person who wants to spend a time with family and want to feel like their home it is the best solution. Joint family is pursuit of happiness for someone who lost in this modern world and it is the time to go back and spend time with traditional way. The advantage of working on your relationship is a lasting friendship with a family of another culture, and much more personal growth as well.

Beautiful village from rural area of Nepal such as Sindhupalchok, Kaski, and some other places offer homestay in Nepal. Top of the world adventure specially offer you and try our best to make your vacation better let us know about your plan; we will recommend you to better way.

You need to know about some important infromation

Local family shares their meals with you and gives you a place to sleep and they continue their work and you can involve with them. you can go for the short walk and go to their farming field and you can visit nearby places such as temples, river and jungle walk (make sure you are not alone) you need to have some basic things such as toilet paper, first aid because there may not available such a things but you can buy snacks, noodles and other basic things if you need from the nearby small shops.

You need to know about some manner and tradition because there may happen little cross cultural misunderstanding .The homestay family offer their local meals to you so don’t expect more than that .You expect only basic stay and basic lifestyle from the family. There in the village only few people can understand Basic English so try to make good communication with them and try some basic Nepali words. Before your homestay package you need to know briefly about local society and what to do’s and not to do’s so top of the world Adventure brief you about this and answer your every question.

Ghandruk village