Volunteering is an activity for needy people where a group or individual provides service without financial motive. People also volunteer to improve their skill and quality performance. It helps to improve the human lifestyle and quality of life. It provides a better career opportunity for a beginner which is also helps to improve experience. Many volunteer specifically trained in the area they work, such as building field, medical field, Education sector and many more.

Many volunteer work for humanity and their satisfaction helping needy people and community. It can make a difference to the life of other such as helping others less fortunate or without a voice. It can be helpful to gain confident and self esteem and social perspectives such as, making new friends, getting to know the social community and to be social person.

Volunteering has positive economic and social impact such as, encouraging more people work in public section, helping raise the educational performance of youth, leading environmental movement, making a significant contribution to the global economy and encourage people to become volunteers etc.

Volunteering with Top of the World Adventure

Top of the world adventure is a trek and travel company who operates a tour and other hospitality services but it is our duty to contribute the society as much as possible. We are helping in education sector in various places and building sector after earthquake.

You can be a part of us and contribute to Nepali society .we offer various volunteering activities and internship program which promote to enhance educational programs and school rebuild project.